About NauticEd

NauticEd is a globally recognized sailing school that combines online theory learning with on-the-water training provided by local sailing schools to train, certify, and license sailors of all skill levels. They are known in the industry as a provider of 21st-century sailing education thanks to their combination of old-school sailing standards and modern technology.

Attaining competence as a sailor requires high-quality training. Moreover, high-quality training consists of both theory instruction and real-world, on-the-water training. You get both when you train through NauticEd and an affiliated sailing school like Joe’s.


Theory Training


Solid theory training is the foundation of a good sailing education. Theory is essentially the black-and-white principles of sailing that are put to use once a sailor gets on the water. NauticEd’s theory training takes place in an online environment that makes use of principles of student interaction and online testing. Best of all, students can complete their theory training at their own pace and on their own schedules.


On-the-Water Training


As necessary as a theoretical foundation is, it can only take the sailor so far. Nothing substitutes for time spent on the water actually sailing a vessel. That is why NauticEd combines online theory with on-the-water training supplied by affiliates like Joe’s Sailing School.

On-the-water training gives students the opportunity to practice theory in a live, local setting. It allows students to build their sailing resumes with every hour spent on the water. Lastly, on-the-water training pairs students with experienced teachers who have both the knowledge and skill to help them adapt what they learned in theory training to a real-world setting.

Certifications and the Sailing Resume


NauticEd takes great pride in coursework that results in students earning certifications. They believe in certifications as official documentation proving that students have completed the required coursework in a given area. And for the record, NauticEd is accredited by the U.S. Coast Guard as a certifying body.


Having said all that, certifications are no longer accepted by many chartered organizations as proof of competence. More and more chartering companies are requiring a solid sailing resume as well. NauticEd offers a free resume building tool that helps sailors build their resumes as they go. All of the training and experience achieved through NauticEd and its affiliates can instantly be added to the sailor’s resume online.


Sailing Licenses


Sailing in some jurisdictions requires a license in addition to a solid resume. Anyone planning to sail in the Mediterranean, the Seychelles, or in Canadian waters, for example, must have a recognized license. Here in the U.S., a growing number of states have implemented licensing requirements in recent years.

When you train through NauticEd, you also have an opportunity to earn their international sailing license. This license is approved throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. Note that the NauticEd SLC is an international license based on extremely high standards. Earning it requires completing an extensive coursework regimen and passing the required tests.