Our Sailing Courses

The Catamaran Sailing School brings Caribbean Charter Education to you here in the USA at the south point of the Chesapeake Bay. 

We offer week-long courses aboard a 44 ft Leopard catamaran and a 50 ft Beneteau monohull, each with a four-cabin layout. Our weekly courses are offered by the cabin in each of our boats to help you achieve a bareboat charter training certificate aboard the type of yacht you’re most interested in. Choose the experience and education you’re looking for and we’ll see you at the marina! 

Catamaran Bareboat Charter Course

Become totally comfortable operating and living aboard a big catamaran. Learn maneuvering under power, setting the sails, safety, and specific catamaran operations as well as general bareboat charter cruising skills. The key is being comfortable with your skills.

Monohull Bareboat Charter Course

Getting on a bigger boat than you are used to can be quite intimidating. No worries “mon”. In one week we’ll have you doing things you thought only the pro’s could do. You’ll feel confident and competent in all operations of a big charter boat.

Yacht Charter Crew Course

Learn to fully contribute as a crew member while chartering a yacht in the Caribbean and beyond. We’ll provide easy lessons and make you feel like you’re one of the crew.